Websites for
Small Businesses

From Entry-Level Websites to Individually-Designed Solutions, you can be assured of a stylish website and our Quality-assured Three-Step Feedback process.

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the friendly web people

We Speak English

No technobabble. Because we want you to love your website, we converse with you in plain English, so that we can understand what you want.

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No Secrets
Website Incubator

We have nothing to hide. As a My New Venture client, you will have access to your own password-protected Development Incubator Website, so that you can drop in and see what is happening all along the way.

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Entry Level...
yet Slick Websites

No sacrifices here! Yes, you can have a sharp, personalised website from £129. Choose your layout, colour scheme & fonts, supply your pictures, write your words and we do all the techie stuff.

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Individually Crafted Designs

Get an exact match to what you dream of for your website. And lots of attention to your requirements and care over the fine details.

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We love designing websites. We specialise in small business solutions and offer highly competitive rates without compromise in quality. We want you to love your website.

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Superb Quality

We believe the best form of advertising for us is word-of-mouth. To this end, we prefer to invest in our clients' satisfaction and delight with their website. It seems to do the trick!

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Great Prices

We are a small, Oxfordshire-based web design business. Our overheads are low and most of our business comes from referrals. We pass these savings on to our clients.

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Easy to Talk To

We are friendly and enjoy discussing websites with our clients. If techie-talk makes you want to shriek, we are happy to explain things in everyday terms. Even technophobes have enjoyed getting involved.

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Why you should chose My New Venture for your new website


Cost Assurance

The web design business has, sadly, developed a rather dark reputation. My New Venture has a very different attitude. We are clear about our pricing from the outset, ensure you maintain ownership of your website on handover and our Customer Service is always prompt and courteous.

My New Venture is clear about what we offer and stands by that. Our prices only change if you move the goal posts. Even then, we are generous as we have factored some change-of-mind time in our estimate. If you have changes that do impact on price, we estimate and clarify this with you as we go. We never hide behind technobabble, have no hidden costs and no sneaky longer-term control over your website.

Quality Assurance

My New Venture operates a three-step Quality Assurance feedback process. This means that we check back with you in a structured way for your views about the website development at each key stage.

Development Incubator

We operate a Development Incubator for our growing websites. As a My New Venture client, you have your own password-protected access to your Web baby, so you can watch it grow! Our work is transparent to you at all times. Experience has shown that this ensures we are singing from the same sheet from the very start. We believe this openness proves our confidence in our work.